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Spirit of Christmas

Published on 21/12/17

Christmas, the song tells us, ‘is the most wonderful time of the year’. Here at Claremont Fan Court School, we have certainly enjoyed an end of term full of festive joy. The last two weeks of term have been as busy as ever, but with an added Christmas twist: in the Pre-Prep and Nursery, for example, we have had our PTA Mini Market, a disco, Christmas Jumper Day, a visit from Father Christmas and two Nativity performances of the highest calibre.  As the term raced towards the final day it was lovely to see the whole community become more and more celebratory, with cards and good wishes shared between the classes, parents and staff. The spirit of Christmas permeated throughout and there was genuine joy and excitement in the air.  At Claremont, we pride ourselves on nurturing the whole child, developing the character traits that can really contribute to a meaningful, purposeful life. Seeing such an abundance of goodwill amongst our very youngest learners is a real privilege.

Christmas time is about so much more than gift giving. As one of our major holidays, it is a time for families to meet up and enjoy each other’s company away from the stresses and pressures of work. How each family goes about this, however, may be far removed for the traditional Victorian images associated with the celebrations. I wrote in my notes for the Nativity programme how every family is unique and that each family’s Christmas will be quite individual, despite the longstanding traditions associated with this time of year. I believe it is somewhere in amongst this mix of tradition and individual family that the magic of Christmas can be found for all in our community.

Falling as they do towards the very end of the year, the Christmas holidays also afford us an opportunity for reflection as we look back upon our successes, and, disappointments. The New Year brings with it a chance for optimism; to build on those successes and to address those failures. All excellent schools are synonymous with hope. As we return in January, thoughts will turn to the arrival of Spring; of longer evenings and brighter, warmer days. Our oldest students will be thinking about their grades, their futures and, in a very real and immediate sense asking: what next? Wherever life takes them they will be well prepared following a Claremont Fan Court education which will have instilled a sense of responsibility, community and love for others. The continued journey towards a meaningful, purposeful life that, perhaps, began with Christmas cards and kind gestures way back in the Nursery!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff for the work they do and the difference they make, and I wish everyone in our community a happy Christmas full of magic and joy.

Mr M Williams
Head of Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School