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Mindfulness is a series of techniques and ideas designed to increase levels of relaxation and the ability to focus. 

Mindfulness practitioners notice positive benefits in their ability to perform in the arts and sports and find new perspectives on situations and study. Building the habit of self-reflection and awareness is an ongoing task, and for this reason pupils have many opportunities to access the techniques.

Mindfulness is made available to pupils throughout Claremont Fan Court School. In the Preparatory School, Year 5 pupils receive instruction in mindfulness for 10 weeks. In the Senior School sessions are offered through PHSEE lessons, in Year 7 (a brief introduction), Year 8 (a five week block) and Year 9 (further support).  Pupils also have the opportunity for a revision course in Year 12 and Year 13.

Key Stage 3 lessons are often introduced with a brief mindfulness practice to help pupils focus and be fully present.

Mindfulness sessions are also available for pupils at the recommendation of the head of year and/or the request of a parent.

Annually there is a staff opportunity for mindfulness training to support their own personal practice. Additionally there is a parent training course to offer techniques to the parent body.

If you have any questions, please contact the school’s mindfulness coordinator, Mr Paul Jeffrey.

I found mindfulness practices very helpful to keep me focused in my exams. At the end of each question I put my pen down, closed my eyes and briefly focused on my breath. I found this really helpful and it helped me gain grade A in all my subjects.

Upper Sixth student


Mindfulness helps me calm down when I am stressed.

Year 7 pupil