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There are three libraries at Claremont Fan Court School: The main Senior School library in the mansion, and two more in the Preparatory and the Pre-Preparatory and Nursery Schools.

Senior School library 

The Senior School library contains some 8,000 items (books, DVDs, newspapers, magazines and online resources) providing an invaluable resource for learning and reading for pleasure. Click below to search the Senior School library catalogue for library news, book reviews and links to online resources:

The library is open throughout the school day from 8am, and is popular for break and lunchtime activities such as chess.

What's On?
Library newsletter - May 2021

Reading lists:

A level subject book lists:

Prep School library 

The Prep School library contains about 3,200 items, including a selection of audiobooks. Click below to search the Prep School library catalogue for book images, summaries, reviews and website links:

Pre-Prep and Nursery School library 

The newly designed library space in the entrance hall of the Pre-Prep and Nursery School holds approximately 1,500 books. Please click below to search the library catalogue:

Library news and events

The library takes an enthusiastic part in promoting book weeks, World Book Day and National Poetry Day, and we regularly welcome authors, poets and illustrators to speak to our students and organise book fairs and other fun events.

Online resources 

Click below to access the library's online subscriptions. You can obtain login details from the school librarian.