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Heads' blog

The heads' blog is an opportunity for senior staff and students, invited by the heads of school, to share their thoughts on education, schools and children.

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  • Fostering a culture of collaboration

    Published 02/03/20
    Relationships * Team building * Selflessness * Team work * Leadership * Participation    Readiness to compromise * Collaboration I am charmed at the moment by the emerging speech of my young grandson. He melts our hearts with his lo
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  • When learning becomes wisdom

    Published 04/02/20
    Have you ever thought what it takes to perform well in an exam? Our record number of candidates for 11+ entry clearly had, judging by the impressive performances in their entry tests. But when looking at the approach different pupils take to differen
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  • Love is all around... (Actually)

    Published 03/01/20 the famous song from the Troggs goes: There's no beginning, there'll be no end, 'Cause on my love you can depend Sang Bill Nighy’s flawed character Billy Mack in the 2003 Christmas film Love Actually (still one of our f
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  • Peace at Christmas

    Published 02/12/19
    Peace is a word we hear frequently at Christmas. We spend time with our loved ones and reflect upon our lives and what matters most. There is a definite irony that this time of year can also feel overwhelmingly busy for both child and parent alike wi
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  • Endeavour

    Published 04/11/19
    When we think of what we want for our children in education, most parents would say that they ‘just want them to do their best.’ This is entirely compatible with the ethos at Claremont Fan Court where we encourage every pupil to strive to
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  • With great power comes great responsibility

    Published 01/10/19
    ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ says Uncle Ben to his nephew Peter Parker. And while that is a phrase worth restating to politicians both in the House of Commons and across the world, it made me wonder about the opposite. Wi
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  • Self respect

    Published 03/09/19
    There is something refreshing about the start of the autumn term. In the same way some adopt New Year resolutions on the 1 January, the start of the academic year presents the opportunity for pupils and students, and indeed teachers, to recalibr
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  • Humility – gratitude for opportunities

    Published 03/06/19
    There is no doubt that an independent school education develops an inner confidence in its pupils. Perhaps this reflects the benefit of having studied in smaller classes. Perhaps it reflects the fact that pupils have met an entry criterion to gain th
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  • Environmental Awareness

    Published 08/05/19
    There seems to be an unrelenting stream of grim messages about our environment with each day bringing another warning about the damage we are inflicting on our planet. The latest report from the UN on biodiversity and ecosystem services warns us that
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  • Commitment

    Published 02/04/19
    I was listening to my seven year old daughter playing the piano over the weekend. As a proud father, I am excited that she is ready for her Grade 1 examination after a year of lessons and practice. Should her interest ever develop in to a passion, wh
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