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Year 2 Victorian School Experience

Published on 19/09/17

Year 2 had a wonderful trip to the Guildford Victorian Schoolroom and Playroom on Wednesday 13 September. They travelled by coach and were greeted by Miss Emily – a very strict Victorian Teacher who walked them, in silence, to the playroom. The children wore traditional pinafores and waistcoats to immerse themselves in the experience. First they got to explore toys from the era and look at the different materials used to make them. Afterwards they went to the schoolroom and had to sit in rows with hands behind their backs. They used chalk boards and rubbers to write and recited the alphabet. Miss Emily told the class that children were to be seen and not heard!

A wonderful picnic lunch was enjoyed in the castle gardens before the final activity in the Toy Museum where the children got to complete a quiz sheet and enjoy making purchases in the museum gift shop.