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Y7 Minecraft Club

Published on 06/10/17

The Year 7 Minecraft club have been meeting every Tuesday lunchtime on their Lenovo laptops to bring their ideas to life in our cubed-Claremont world. Our team chop trees for crafting, mine iron for tools and build homes to protect themselves from the explosive ‘Creepers,’ come sundown.

We collaborate, craft and create each pupil's ideas in to our server. The 12 ‘Claremont Crafters’ can roam the School mansion, dig under it or even build on top of it. They are free to design and create whatever they can think of.

Minecraft has proven to be a great tool for engaging pupils and developing leadership and teamwork skills which is not typically attributed to game-playing. A pupil in our club can think of a design for a Minecraft house, discuss this with his friends in the club and the team can then roam the world together, collecting all the resources that they need to bring this design to life. Almost as if they were designing their own Design and Technology project, they are responsible for all of the steps in making this idea a reality.

This creative and collaborative way of thinking that Minecraft encourages is a great way of developing young minds and giving our Year 7’s confidence and skills that can benefit them not only in school, but out of school as well.