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Orienteering at Horsell Common

Published on 07/10/17

Nearly 120 years ago, HG Wells selected Horsell Common as the landing site for the invading Martians in his novel The War of the Worlds. Rather more recently, Horsell Common was the venue for the second Junior Orienteering League event of the season, when the small but select squad of Claremont Fan Court orienteers took to the forest to find, among other locations, the only ‘Martian Cylinder Engine’ marked on any map in the country!

All three squad members opted to run the technically challenging Light Green course. Alexander O, making a very welcome return to the squad, showed that he had not forgotten his navigational skill and finished 19th in 50:37, while Robert G maintained his steady rate of improvement to come 15th in 45:48. The squad’s best performance was that of Nathan J, who got round in 44:53 to claim 14th place.

All but two of the first 13 places were occupied by adults not competing in the junior league. The boys were thus able to notch up a very useful total of 214 points for the school, which after processing through the arcane league scoring system puts the team in 4th place in the league. In view of the fact that each team’s total is based on the best six runners’ scores, reaching 4th place with only three scoring runners in this event and none at all in the previous one is a considerable achievement. Well done!