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Charlotte... A Forgotten Princess Remembered

Published on 17/11/17

The Great Room was full on Saturday 11 November to remember the two hundredth anniversary of somebody so well-loved in their own lifetime but almost completely forgotten in ours. Princess Charlotte Augusta (7 January 1796 – 6 November 1817) was only 21 when she died at Claremont after the tragic stillbirth of a son.

The evening was in two halves with the first sketching Charlotte’s life from birth until her widely celebrated marriage to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg in 1816.  Short readings, together with music by Mozart and Handel, were supported by excellent performances from two former pupils; Camilla Forest and Harry Normanton. A number of current and former staff took part and two Sixth Form students took prominent roles. Images from the period provided an imaginative cinematic backdrop throughout.

The second half took the audience from the wedding through a happy year of married life at Claremont including Charlotte’s 21st birthday celebration and pregnancy. Finally, the immediate aftermath of her life was considered and her longer term connection to us today.

The evening was the creation of Pamela Rider who, together with Ken Kimber, researched material and provided direction. Alexis Affonso researched, directed and performed the music. The proceeds will be used towards restoration of the Charlotte room.