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Year 10 V&A Textile Trip

Published on 21/11/17

Year 10 Textile Design students visit  Balenciaga; Shaping Fashion at the V&A and attend a Maurizio Azeri textile workshop at the Saatchi Gallery.

On Friday 17 November the Year 10 Textile Design students visited the Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition at the V&A Museum. The exhibition displayed the work of influential Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga. There were over 100 pieces crafted by ‘the master’ of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers working in the same innovative tradition. The pupils were able to take a range of inspirational photographs to include in their project.

We then travelled to Sloane Square where the pupils took a range of architectural photographs of the contemporary and historical buildings in and around Sloane Square as inspiration for their structures project. This including the beautiful Arts and Crafts architecture of Holy Trinity Church in Sloane Square designed by Burne-Jones.

The pupils  then visited the Saatchi Gallery to take part in a textile workshop on the work of Italian Artist Maurizio Azeri who works were exhibited at the recent iconoclasts exhibition at the Saatchi.  Maurizio came from three generations of fishermen and had seen men using threads and needles all his life. As a child he watched them repairing and fixing fishing nets on the sea front. For him, embroidery represents a different way of drawing: with threads rather than pencils. 

Maurizio is known for his series of eerie portraits or photo-sculptures. He intricately embroiders onto vintage photographs with coloured thread, producing unforgettable surreal portraits and landscapes. In Maurizio’s portraits, serious-looking children, sophisticated adults, and prim newlyweds are all utterly transformed by his thread work. The pupils all produced their own responses to his work sewing onto vintage photographs with embroidery threads and they were very pleased and proud of their results.