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Year 3 Visit to RHS Wisley

Published on 06/03/18

Year 3 have enjoyed a great trip to RHS Garden Wisley which linked in nicely with the topic of plants and flowers which they have been studying in science. During the trip, children planted their own plectranthus ivy by first taking a cutting from a larger plant and placing it into a pot with compost. The children also made their own plant pot using newspaper and a can. They filled it with compost and then planted phacelia, a purple flower which attracts bees to the garden.

Children also had the opportunity to use gardening tools such as a spade, fork and a rake to prepare some soil in order to plant beans. Children worked co-operatively, sharing tools and taking it in turns to complete the various stages. In the afternoon they were free to explore the grounds looking for things in the garden which started with every letter of the alphabet. We were very lucky with the weather and all the children had an enjoyable time.