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Children Hear Chirping in Reception

Published on 27/03/18

At the end of the Spring Term, Reception children received a box of duck eggs soon to hatch. The children could barely contain their excitement and eagerly watched as they pecked their way out of their shells one by one. It was magical to watch and the ducklings have since provided a wealth of learning opportunities. Having grown so rapidly the children have been able to identify how animals develop and change over time. This has included learning about the life cycle of a duck. As a literacy focus, the children have also been making posters on how to treat the ducklings with care. The real highlight has of course been handling the ducklings and watching them take their first swim! Now we understand the meaning of taking to something, 'like a duck to water'.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this unforgettable learning experience; what a wonderful way to end our Spring term!