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Orienteering League Success

Published on 02/05/18

The final event of the Southern Navigators Junior Orienteering League series took place in Woking Park. The competition was preceded by the prize-giving for the series, in which the overall winners were St Andrew’s School, Woking. Claremont Fan Court School featured prominently in the presentation of individual awards for each age group, with Nathan J receiving a Green award and the trophy for best Year 10/11 Boy, and Alexander O a Blue award and the trophy for best Y12/13 Boy. Congratulations to both of them.

The presentations were followed by a score event, which differs from a regular orienteering event in that instead of trying to find a fixed number of controls in a set order in the shortest possible time, competitors have a fixed time in which to find as many controls as possible in any order.

The four members of the Claremont Fan Court School squad all finished well within the 45 minute time limit. Robert G, discovering how easy it is not to spot all the controls on the map, missed two of them out and finished 33rd of the 68 competitors. Jack P also lost concentration and missed one control, finishing 28th. Alexander O collected all 24 controls in the excellent time of 24:42, but was just beaten into 12th place by Nathan J who finished 11th in 24:37. All four boys thoroughly enjoyed the event, which allowed them to demonstrate how much they have improved over the year.