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Piano and Harp Tea

Published on 02/05/18

Our termly Instrumental Tea took place on Tuesday 1 May in the Great Room after school, featuring on this occasion both the piano and the harp. These informal concerts give the opportunity for children to gain performing experience and showcase what they are learning, regardless of whether they are a beginner or not, in front of a small sympathetic audience. Everyone knows what it is like to be a beginner and the advanced students can provide inspiration for those who have not yet reached as a high a standard.

For the first time we were excited to be able to feature the harp and three pupils, all from the Prep School, played some delightful pieces demonstrating the intricacies of this instrument.

Beginners and advanced piano pupils from across the Prep and Senior Schools were able to play on our full concert Steinway piano and we were entertained by a wide variety of music, ranging from traditional pieces to popular and classical pieces.

The afternoon finished with a delicious tea.

Pupils performing were: Eniola A (Y11), Amelia B (Y4), Aoife C (Y4), Phoebe C (Y5), Lucas D (Y4), Maria E (Y7), Jess F (Y9), Nathan F (Y11), Victor I (Y5), Lilia J (Y5), Minyoung K (Y13), Isabella L (Y4), Piers L (Y6), Harry M (Y12), Amy R (Y10), Pearl T (Y4), Phoebe T (Y3) (Harp), Annabel T (Y5) (Harp) and Amy Z (Y3) (Harp).