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T-Shirt Exhibition

Published on 16/05/18

Year 10 and A level Textile Design students visited the T-Shirt Cult-Culture-Subversion exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum and attended a talk given by fashion and textile designer Kiren Passi on the business of textiles.

The exhibition explores T-shirts in the 20th Century; charting the history, culture and subversion of the most affordable and popular item of clothing. The exhibition featured a private collection of Vivienne Westwood t-shirts from the early days of Let It Rock, through to the designer’s most recent collections; Active Resistance to Propaganda and Climate Revolution. There was also a historical biography of the t-shirt and an insight into its technological advances, mapped through sections focusing on contemporary design.

Students enjoyed Kiren Passi's insightful talk about her journey in the Fashion and Textile industry, learning about her ten years as a Womenswear designer working on a variety of products including jersey t-shirts for the luxury and high street sectors in the major fashion capitals, Paris, London and New York. Kiren also described how she had worked at Christian Dior as well as directly with artisans in countries such as Bali, Japan and India. Students were also interested to see samples of her work from her collections and collaborations at the end of the talk.

The textile design students will be developing a T-shirt design project inspired by their visit.