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Year 6 Drama Production: Ye-Ha!

Published on 02/07/18

Ye-Ha! was a memorable experience for all involved. The production followed the townsfolk of Splodge as they faced the menacing McNut Gang, heeding the advice of Two Stroke Indians to realise that true heroes can be found in the most unlikely places. Year 6 committed to learning lines, songs, choreography and getting into character. Pupils worked together to create a wonderful Wild West performance and should be proud of their efforts

“Show week for Year 6 is a wonderful celebration of the children’s time in the Prep School. Working on the production brings the School community together in a special way, with its success due to the huge effort made by the staff, parents and, of course, the children. For most children, it is the only time that they will appear in a production of this calibre and it is a week when lifetime memories are made!”
Mrs H Hutton-Attenborough, Head of Preparatory School

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