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Horsell Common Orienteering

Published on 13/09/18

The first Junior Orienteering League event of the season took place at the weekend on Horsell Common. Horsell Common, known to Science Fiction fans as the place where the invading Martians landed in H G Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds, is the only orienteering venue with a Martian Landing Site specifically marked on the map.

The two members of the Claremont Fan Court School Squad who took part had clearly allowed their navigational skill to get rusty over the summer holiday, and both got off to a very shaky start. After locating the first control quite easily, Nathan J took nearly 17 minutes to find the second, hidden low down amid waist-high heather and gorse. Starting one minute earlier than Nathan, Jack P suffered the same navigational meltdown, taking nearly 18 minutes for number two and reaching the control at the same time as Nathan. From then on, things picked up as the boys got the measure of the map and both got round the rest of the course with few errors, with Jack coming home in 12th place in 51:52 and Nathan 22nd in 61:37. This earned them a score of 134 points and put them into 4th place in the league behind three teams fielding far more runners. The squad looks forward to building on this start in the next league event at Frimley in October.