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A Royal Invitation to Fairlawne

Published on 20/09/18

The Earl of Wessex is Patron of the Tennis and Rackets Association. This year, His Royal Highness set himself a challenge to play three sets of doubles on every playable Real Tennis court with an aim to raise global awareness of the game and to encourage new players to get involved. The yearlong programme is also intended to generate support for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Over the summer, Ross M (Year 11 pupil), was lucky enough to receive an invitation to participate in a Real Tennis tournament at Fairlawne as part of the programme.

“I was invited to play with His Royal Highness as part of the challenge alongside another junior player, who I recently played in the Final of the Peter Luck-Hille Cup; a national Inter-Club junior competition.

On 9 July we travelled to Fairlawne which, unlike other Real Tennis courts in the UK, is privately owned and very few get the opportunity to play on it. None of the professionals at Hampton have ever had the chance to play at Fairlawne.

When we arrived it turned out that I would be playing doubles with HRH due to my handicap being higher than the other junior, who played with one of the professionals. The game was a very enjoyable experience but sadly Edward and I were beaten by the other team.

After the game, we had lunch with none other than Peter Luck-Hille himself. At the end of the day a charity auction took place to raise money for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Scheme.”

For more information regarding HRH’s global challenge, visit: