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Year 5 Visit the Guru Harrai Sahib Gurdwara

Published on 17/01/19

As part of the Prep School RS syllabus, Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Guru Harrai Sahib Gurdwara in Kingston, a Sikh place of worship. Before entering the Darbar Sahib, (where the holy book Guru Granth is placed) pupils followed Sikh custom to show respect by covering their heads with scarves and removing shoes.  Custom dictates that one must wash their hands before entering the hall and enter quietly. 

Upon entering the hall, the children’s eyes were drawn to the raised platform which was ornate and glittering in decorationThe Sikh Granthi was very welcoming and taught pupils all about their holy book before showing the children around the Sach Khand, a rest room for the Guru Granth Sahib. 

Pupils were also fortunate to experience some music played by two musicians, called the Ragis, and enjoyed the Langar Hall, a term used in Sikh religion for free food that is served in a Gurdwara. Finally, pupils were treated to another Sikh tradition, Karah Parshad. Karah Parshad is made with equal parts wheat, flour, sugar, and butter and given out equally without discrimination or favour as a sign of equality.  Sharing food is important to the Sikhs and the children were amazed at their generosity.