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School Mindfulness Initiative

Published on 08/02/19

On Wednesday 6 February,  the Prep and Senior School participated in Schools Sit Together, an initiative from the Mindfulness in Schools project. The purpose of the event was to encourage meditation in schools to benefit staff and pupil wellbeing.  Participants sat and focussed on their breath and body for five minutes, led by Mr Jeffrey, the School’s Mindfulness Coordinator.

Led by the School's Mindfulness Coordinator, Mr Jeffrey, Year 5 and 6 sat quietly in the Prep School Hall for five minutes, followed by a similar session held in the Great Room for 20 staff and Senior School pupils later in the day.

As part of the curriculum, pupils in Years 5, 7, 8, 9 and the Sixth Form are introduced to mindfulness in different ways during their PHSE classes, and the School encourages all staff and pupils to try out mindfulness techniques to improve levels of relaxation and focus.

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