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Year 2 Visit Florence Nightingale Museum

Published on 12/02/19

Year 2 had a fantastic time being transported back to the 1800s and the Crimean War, to support our learning on Florence Nightingale. The children enjoyed an interactive workshop with Miss Nightingale herself, where they discovered why she went to the Crimea, how she improved conditions for the soldiers and nurses and what happened as a result of her work. The museum itself is awash with incredible displays and artefacts, so, as well as enjoying such a thoroughly convincing performance, the children had the opportunity to try on replica uniforms for a Crimean nurse and soldier. A highlight for many was to smell some of the medicinal herbs that Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale used and which are still seen as therapeutic today. It was particularly humbling to see the actual lamp carried by “The Lady of the Lamp” herself, which was used to help thousands of wounded soldiers.