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Senior School Ski Trip to Serre Chevalier, France

Published on 19/02/19

Day 1:

Travelling to the French resort in Serre Chevalier on Saturday 16 February proved remarkably easy considering it was the busiest day of the season so far and pupils behaved excellently in every respect. A few tired and weary faces enjoyed dinner upon arrival before drifting off to bed, eagerly awaiting the first day of skiing. They were not to be disappointed; the group awoke to clear, blue skies and crisp snowfall. The snow was in excellent condition and the instructors made the pupils feel immediately at ease. It was a superb first day and all the pupils thoroughly enjoyed exploring the slopes. The evening’s activities involved a trip to the local bowling alley and it was certainly evident that most of the group were considerably better at skiing than bowling…

Day 2:

Following an action-packed first day, pupils began preparing for another perfect day in the French mountains. It was a fresh, bright start as the pupils met their instructors and proceeded to explore the resort in more depth. The pace was certainly picked up in a number of the groups as everyone began to understand the true size of the resort. Tired legs enjoyed pizza for lunch as they swapped stories of thrills and spills. After the afternoon’s excitement on the slopes, the group enjoyed the obligatory school trip quiz in the evening.

Day 3:

Day 3 saw a far more adventurous approach to the skiing and all of the groups ventured to the farthest reaches of the resort. Blues became reds, reds became blacks and everyone enjoyed the amazing views of the Alps with clear blue skies. Evening entertainment involved a games night with plenty of laughs and silly antics. Not sure what the pupils enjoy more, laughing with their friends or flying down the slopes with them.

Day 4 and 5:

The sun continued to shine relentlessly as the skiing and boarding groups covered all corners of the four valleys that make up the resort. Every lift system and slope have been experienced by at least one of the groups. It has been a pleasure to see the pupils looking so happy and bonding so well with one-another as well as building a good relationship with the instructors. The groups have enjoyed bunny cross runs, jump parks as well as perfecting their turns and edges; all in preparation for the last day where they are given a grade reflecting their ability. Evening entertainment involved the infamous Lip Sync battle, where the pupils competed on song choice, activity levels, crowd involvement and being able to mime the words accurately to a song. Need you ask who won?