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Author Visit from Jonathan Stroud

Published on 11/03/19

Years 7 and 8 celebrated World Book Day this year with an unforgettable visit from author Jonathan Stroud, creator of the Lockwood & Co series about Anthony Lockwood and his intrepid team of ghost hunters. These books are set in an England suffering from an epidemic of hauntings, but where adults can no longer detect ghosts - only the young can confront them.

After introducing the different sorts of ghoulish apparitions encountered by the ghost hunters, Jonathan Stroud reassuringly explained how Lockwood & Co could protect themselves.  A member of the audience demonstrated some helpful equipment, buckling on the handy survival belt, containing iron filings and magnesium flares, and brandishing a large sabre.

The author was inundated by questions at the end of his session.  He confessed that he would not be keen to spend a night in a haunted house himself and after hearing his talk most of his audience felt the same way.