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Ducklings in Reception

Published on 28/03/19

The last two weeks in Reception have been filled with much awe and wonder. The children were so excited to see the duck eggs arrive in their incubator on 19 March. They didn’t have long to wait before the first little duckling entered the world after a few hours of arriving at Claremont. This was closely followed by the appearance of its 5 siblings. The children carefully watched them crack open their shells, resting at intervals, before eventually gaining the strength to stand up, drink water and eat grain. Each child was given the opportunity to hold a duckling and watch them swim for the first time. We now know what the expression ‘like a duck to water’ means!

The children were keen to write posters for the other children in the Pre-Prep on how to keep the ducklings safe and happy. Children have also learnt about the changes of the ducklings by keeping a diaries which will be on display in the reception corridor very soon along with some amazing photographs. What an exciting way to end a very busy term!

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