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Y10 & Y12 Geography Trip to Stratford

Published on 01/04/19

On Wednesday 27 March Year 10 and Year 12 Geography students visited Stratford in East London to carry out human fieldwork in the local area.

Year 10 pupils carried out different data collection techniques including questionnaires and environmental quality surveys to investigate how sustainable the new East Village development is as part of the Olympic regeneration. The surveys gave an excellent insight into the ways contemporary town planning is incorporating green technologies to reduce residents’ environmental footprints as well as how community cohesion can be improved. Pupils were surprised to find that although the development has many sustainable characteristics, it is in fact not benefiting those most in need with less than 5% affordable housing available and a high numbers of weekly commuters. As one pupil pointed out, it felt in some ways like a ghost town.

Year 12 students visited a range of different areas in Stratford in order to develop skills in collecting data for fieldwork investigations to prepare them for designing their A Level independent geographical investigations. This was also an opportunity to consolidate and contextualise many of the concepts they have studied as part of their Changing Places topic, such as how a sense of place changes over time and the factors influencing this. One aspect which students found particularly interesting was studying local street art and the powerful messages that these portrayed to reflect many of the changes taking place there.

Overall, the trip was very successful and the Field Studies Council instructors who lead the trip commented on how hardworking and engaged our students were. One instructor said she had never received such thoughtful questions.