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MFL Translation Bee House Competition

Published on 15/04/19

This year in languages year 8 and 9 pupils have been taking part in the national MFL Translation Bee Competition. Initially all pupils who were studying French and German during the Christmas term learnt verbs in the present tense and vocabulary to translate sentences from English into the foreign language for the first round of the competition and were tested on sentences in class. The winners from this round have since been working towards the second round of the competition, which has taken the form of an internal house competition. Pupils have added in the future tense and have therefore needed to switch between the two tenses when translating sentences.

Fifteen pupils took part in the house competition on Wednesday 27 March; there was one round of 1 minute for each pupil to translate as many sentences as possible. The competition was very close and pupils had made a huge effort to learn the verbs and vocabulary. The winners of each language now go forward to a southern regional final at Dulwich College on 13 June

Congratulations to the following winners:

Macarena T and Olivia S (French)

Frode A and Rishi B (German)