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Orienteering at Worthlodge Forest

Published on 29/04/19

On Saturday 27 April, four members of the Claremont Fan Court School orienteering squad travelled to Worthlodge Forest in Sussex for a navigation training session run by Southdowns Orienteers which focused on identifying ground features, selecting attack points, accurate use of the compass and aiming off. They then had the opportunity to put the skills they had learned into practice by running one of the four full orienteering courses on offer.

On the Yellow course, Ellis B spent a long time trying to relocate after an early compass error, but used the lessons he had learned to eventually finish the 1.6 km course in a time of 65:37. Thomas F opted to move up to the technically challenging Green course and enjoyed a good run, despite taking over 24 minutes on one very long and complex leg, but did not quite manage to finish before the courses closed at 12:30 and had to retire.  Meanwhile on the same course Nathan J and Jack P showed their greater experience and speed, with Nathan finishing 7th out of 58 in 51:28 and Jack just pipping him to come 5th in 49:43.