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A pupil guide to chess

Published on 23/09/19

After winning chess championships at county, regional and national levels, Diya (Year 11) and Arjan (Year 9) were delighted to be offered the chance to train other chess players as part of the Surrey County team in Wey Valley.

“We found the training very rewarding and felt immense pride when fellow competitors were successful in chess events.”

Diya and Arjan then began working with international chess master, Mike Baseman, to create instructive chess videos on YouTube and it was from this, that the idea to write a book emerged. Their book, The Ultimati Guide to Chess, promotes chess and its benefits and is written for people of all ages and skill level. Following plenty of positive feedback, they were inspired to write two further volumes which are set to be published within the next few weeks.

The books will be available for all our budding chess players to read in the school library.