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Horsell Common orienteering

Published on 08/10/19

The weather was dry and pleasant on Saturday for the first Junior Orienteering League event of the season on Horsell Common, where two members of the Claremont Fan Court School squad who took part met with contrasting fortunes. Nathan J, running on short blue for the first time, was very pleased with his time of 55:10 for the 5.3 km course. Like many of the competitors, he was temporarily confused by the dense holly and bramble undergrowth in the southern section of the map, but relocated quickly and finished in 33rd position, which was enough to score a very valuable 100 points for the team.

Meanwhile, following his excellent performances at Wisley and Knole earlier in the year, Thomas F chose to run the light green course rather than the easier orange course aimed at his age group. After a very promising start, he ran into trouble at the 6th control and struggled to remain in contact with the map. Although navigation became increasingly difficult as he tired, he gamely carried on to the end, and despite a very slow time his performance was just sufficient to put the team into third place in the league. On the plus side, the experience has given him some valuable lessons to reflect on, chief of which is to keep checking that the map is the right way up!