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A magical mystery walkathon

Published on 18/10/19

Some very excited Pre-Prep and Nursery School children helped King Williams (also known as Mr Williams) solve the magical medieval mystery during the annual walkathon on Friday 18 October. Following a mystical map around the Claremont Kingdom, the children used their best detective skills to pick up clues as to the whereabouts of Palace Teddy who had been kidnapped overnight!

The children were tasked with collecting vital information from each medieval character, played by our fantastic PTA parents, hiding along the route to find out who kidnapped Palace Teddy. Characters included the grumpy witch, the court jester, the ‘beautiful’ mermaid, the dragon handler, the trolls, the fairy and the princess.

Upon finding Palace Teddy at the top of the Belvedere tower, the children made the most magical discovery of all – two friendly real-life unicorns from the Cobham Shetland Pony club!

It was a fantastic morning and we thank the PTA for all their hard work in helping to make this year’s walkathon the most memorable for the children yet!

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