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Woodwind and brass instrumental tea

Published on 28/11/19

A delightful afternoon was had in the Great Room on Wednesday 27 November. Several Senior School and Prep School pupils performed in front of a small audience in the latest of our informal instrumental teas, this time featuring woodwind and brass instruments.

The focus of the instrumental tea is participation. This informal performance has the advantage of a sympathetic and supportive audience as everyone knows what it is like to be a beginner and the advanced students can provide inspiration for those who have not yet reached as high a standard.  We heard very accomplished performances on the flute, clarinet and trumpet, featuring jazz, classical and traditional pieces - all followed by a delicious tea with cakes and biscuits!

Many thanks to all those involved in this event for a very enjoyable afternoon.  Participating pupils were:

  • Anna B (Y11), flute
  • Nina F (Y6), flute
  • Joshua H (Y6), trumpet
  • Zac H (Y6), flute
  • Gilbert M (Y10), trumpet
  • Sophie M (Y7), flute
  • Megan S (Y10), flute
  • Harry S (Y6), clarinet
  • Wendy W (Y11), clarinet
  • Finlay W (Y10), trumpet