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Year 7 geography superlative project

Published on 03/12/19

In geography Year 7 have spent the last three weeks working on a geographical superlative project. The brief was to research something geographical that is better than anything else. Pupils chose a wide range of geographical superlatives to research and some include the world’s most active volcano, the largest city, the deadliest tsunami, the oldest rainforest, the deepest ocean, the biggest coral reef, the tallest waterfall and the hottest desert. After spending some time researching they had to find out some interesting geographical facts about the formation and characteristics of their chosen topic. They were allowed to present their superlative in any way they liked. Many pupils showed off their creative side by producing fantastic movies, PowerPoint presentations, posters, 3D models, written reports, animated cartoons and even a combination of several of these presentation styles. Well done, Year 7! Some fantastic geographical research and super display work.