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Orienteering at Wisley Common

Published on 14/01/20

On Saturday 11 January more than 120 junior orienteers including three members of the Claremont Fan Court School Orienteering Club converged on Wisley Common for the first Junior League event of the year. 

Although the weather had been relatively dry the previous week, there were still substantial areas of standing water to be found all over the common which made navigation tricky. Reaching each control point involved not only locating it, but also finding a route to it which did not involve sinking into squidgy ankle-deep mud.

The 2.4 km yellow course avoided the worst of the marshy areas and kept to the paths, though these were still very muddy, and Jack J did well to get round in 33:23 for 42nd place. Thomas F was making good progress on the 4.1 km light green course until control 8, after which his interpretation of the vegetation on the map became erratic and he eventually finished in 55th place, having taken over an hour wandering off course and submerging himself twice in the swampy water. On the same course Nathan J fared rather better, maintaining an impressive balance of speed and accuracy to get round in the excellent time of 38:19 for 12th place.

Although unable to compete on equal term with the schools who had brought two dozen or more runners to the event, the boys did just enough to keep the team in 5th place out of 8 in the league with two events left to go.