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Year 10 assertiveness workshop

Published on 21/01/20

As part of this term’s PSHE programme, Year 10 girls took part in an assertiveness and confidence building workshop this afternoon.  The workshop was led by author, playwright and educator Sian Rowland who has thirty years’ experience working with teachers and young people.  The workshop covered a wealth of topics, starting with an awareness of what our posture and stance says to those around us and then moving on to a discussion about the key pressures faced by teenagers today. Sian used a variety of games and role play scenarios to help the girls form strategies for dealing with a range of problems or situations.  The second half of the workshop focused on how to be assertive – without being either apologetic or aggressive!  The workshop was great fun and certainly gave the whole year group a much better awareness of how they can make themselves and their voices more clearly heard in a busy world.