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Alice Holt Forest orienteering

Published on 09/03/20

Alice Holt Forest is a very popular weekend destination for families, with its assault courses, wildlife trails and high ropes activities, but not many of its visitors venture into the interior of the forest. Last Saturday it was the venue for the last orienteering event of the term, where two members of the Claremont Fan Court School orienteering squad navigated the hidden depths of the forest while striving to maintain the school’s place in the junior orienteering league.

The 3.6km Light Green course took competitors through dense conifer plantations where controls were hard to spot and running was impossible, so Nathan J found himself walking or crawling most of the time, but his time of 62:28 was good enough for a very satisfactory 14th place. In contrast, the 3km Orange course avoided most of the thick vegetation and competitors were able to stretch their legs fully. This enabled Thomas F to have his best run of the season so far, securing an excellent second place in 28:08 and gaining 120 points for the school to keep us in 5th place. Well done!