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Year 8 connect with Whiteley Village residents

Published on 26/05/20

Over the last few weeks during PSHE lessons, Year 8 pupils have been writing letters or poems, drawing or taking photos to send to the residents at Whiteley Village Homes Trust in Walton-On-Thames. Pupils wrote some lovely letters with words of encouragement, reflections on their own time in lockdown and what they are most looking forward to when lockdown is over.

One letter from Isabella S, read:

Dear Whiteley Village,

I am Bella; I am 13 years old. I go to Claremont Fan Court school, I have 2 sisters called Maddy and Sophia and a dog called beau (pronounced bow). I like sports, baking and sewing. I am finding lockdown hard but I hope it will be over soon. I have been playing lacrosse, going on walks or runs with my sisters and dog, I am also turning my dad’s old t-shirts into new ones for myself, I am currently enjoying baking and have baked; fudge, cookies and cakes so far and I will be making a rocky-road soon. I have learnt to cook and clean, each week my sisters and I have chores and we swap every week so that we learn to clean and cook. We usually have an au pair since our parents both work but she went home due to the virus so we are experiencing life and learning to look after ourselves.

I have been clapping each week, I also have a little rainbow up but I am hoping to put a bigger one up soon, I have also been  face timing family on this device called a portal which you can connect to your WhatsApp or Facebook too and it’s easy to stay connected with family, I have been face timing my grandparents every day since it is very lonely in Ireland and southern England, the portal moves around with you and has a big screen so it is easier to see your family on the other end of the line, I would definitely recommend to get it. I have been also face timing my friends most days so I can stay in contact we also do these things we call virtual sleepovers which is a sleepover through face time, where we watch movies, gossip and then go to bed like we would on a normal sleepover to make this whole pandemic a bit easier to get through and so we can keep our bonds.

I am thankful that I am can face time with my family and friends, I am also thankful my school is online and I am still able to attend and learn my work almost like normal. I am thankful that I have two sisters whom are also my best friends and they keep me company, I’m thankful to have two loving parents who care about me and are trying to make this quarantine easier. I’m thankful to be able to get food and drinks, and a roof over my head. I have found school a little bit more tough since it is harder when you get confused and there is no teacher to explain but when we have google meets it’s much easier. I have also found not seeing my friends tough since I am used to seeing them nearly every day. I am also finding not being able to get some ingredients I would like to bake with tough but I can find other ways since I am not very vulnerable so the more vulnerable people need it more than I do.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family and go back to school when this is all over. I know that if we carry on following the rules this will all be over soon and you will get to see your family and friends again and everything will go back to the way it was.

Sincerely signed,

Isabella S

Many of their letters and drawings were printed out for display around the homes and greatly appreciated by the residents. Year 8 hope to be able to visit Whiteley Village to meet the residents as soon as it is safe to do so.