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A teddy bears picnic for Pre-Nursery

Published on 02/07/20

Pre-Nursery received surprise parcels from House Teddy for their teddy bears picnic on Tuesday 30 June, since they weren't able to bring their own teddy bears from home. Each parcel contained a rainbow coloured build-a-bear which the children took great excitement in making and naming.  It was then time to head out into the woods to find shelter from the rain. The gathering circle provided the perfect spot so to set up camp and after a game of hide and seek, the children washed their hands using the woodland tap and sat to eat a delicious picnic and listen to stories. They decided to leave their teddies in the classroom to keep them nice and dry but invited House Teddy to join the picnic as he doesn’t mind the washing machine. A really wild adventure to conclude a fantastic 30 days wild challenge.