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Orienteering at Rewell Wood

Published on 14/05/17

Claremont Fan Court School orienteering squad went to Arundel for the regional league event at Rewell Wood, which occupies the scarp slope adjacent to Arundel Castle. With its dense plantations of coppiced willow and hazel, steep chalk slopes under ancient low-branched yews, a confusing network of parallel paths and a forest floor covered in fallen trees and branches overlain with a tangled mass of brambles and nettles, Rewell provided plenty of challenge for even the most experienced orienteers. The planner had produced courses designed to test stamina and concentration, and not everyone succeeded in maintaining full concentration all the way to the finish.

Robert G paced himself cautiously on the Light Green course and navigated well until the 9th control. At that point he lost focus and took a wrong bearing, taking over 23 minutes for a 300 metre leg and ending up in 8th place in 81:43. Nathan J, also on Light Green, suffered similar losses on controls 7, 9 and 10 and wandered far off course. He finished in 11th position in 98:50.

The forest was beautiful in the May sunshine, allowing the boys to enjoy their runs but also giving them a lot to think about.