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Orienteering at Millbank Wood

Published on 20/05/17

Millbank Wood, on the outskirts of Sevenoaks is one of the nicest areas for orienteering in the south-east, although, as members of the orienteering squad discovered, it is also potentially one of the most challenging.

After heavy rain, the steep slopes were very slippery, adding an extra level of difficulty to those presented by the dense vegetation, the fallen trees, the brashings and the felled areas. Monty N on the orange course persevered through the first three controls, but after spending fifteen minutes failing to locate a depression in thick forest – incorrectly labelled as a ruined building on the control description sheet -  he made the decision to retire, as did more than a quarter of the competitors on the course. Nathan J had a similar struggle on the light green course, but persevered to the end and eventually completed the course, coming in 22nd in 107:20.

This was a low-key level D event with a large number of youngsters from several schools, but the courses were clearly a little too demanding for many of them. A shame, but a learning experience none-the-less in a lovely forest!