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Piano Tea

Published on 26/04/17

A delightful afternoon was had in the Great Room for the Piano Tea.  A group of 14 pupils from both the Prep and Senior Schools performed in front of parents in the latest of our informal Instrumental Teas, this time featuring the piano.

The children took it in turns to play on the full-sized concert grand piano and we were treated to a range of different music from traditional pieces, to classical and modern styles.

We all enjoyed a delicious tea afterwards with cakes brought in by parents.

Many thanks to our peripatetic piano teachers, Mrs Evans, Mrs Johnston and Mrs O’Hagan and Miss Affonso for preparing the children.  Thank you, too, to the children for their delightful performances.  Participating pupils were:

Bethany B, Y3
Aoife C, Y3
Phoebe C, Y4
Lilia J, Y4
Sasha T, Y4
Jude C, Y9
Jessica P, Y7
Amy R, Y9
Sunny Y, Y6
Amelia B, Y3
Piers L, Y5
Dylan P, Y5
Avyan V, Y5
Luke F, Y13