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Chicks Hatch in Reception

Published on 04/05/17

Reception children were thrilled to receive ten 'living eggs' with real chicks inside. The children could barely contain their excitement while waiting for the chicks to hatch and after a couple of days, slowly but surely, all ten chicks pecked their way out of the shells. Every child appreciated and learned a lot from this wonderful experience of caring for the chicks and watching them grow day by day.

The children were inspired to design posters of how to care for the chicks. They also wrote chick diaries to record how chicks grow and develop over time. The life cycle of a hen is something the children are very familiar with now but ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’. We were sad to say goodbye to the chicks but were pleased to send them home with parents of the School. Our ‘living eggs’ experience was a real highlight of our year in Reception and we hope to invite more fluffy friends to our school in the future.

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