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Knole Park Orienteering

Published on 30/04/17

Knole Park is the last mediaeval deer park remaining in Kent, and its 1000 acres are home to over 350 fallow and sika deer. It was also the venue for the Yvette Baker Junior Orienteering competition, which was incorporated within a South East League event organised by Saxons Orienteering Club. The small Claremont Fan Court School contingent joined hundreds of other orienteers in sharing the park with the deer to enjoy a very pleasant and satisfying morning running through the sunlit woodland and exploring the surprisingly intricate contours of the park.

Unfortunately the squad was not big enough to play a meaningful part in the Yvette Baker Competition, which requires teams of at least 9 participants, but they were able to treat it as a very useful training exercise. Nathan J, after a couple of rather slow Short Green courses in recent weeks, returned to his usual good form on the Light Green course and came home in 18th place in 53:34. Monty N, on the Orange course, performed creditably, but had a couple of lapses of focus which saw him veer quite a long way off course and struggle to relocate. His time of 60:45 put him in 25th place. This is not a bad time, but a little practice in using the compass accurately and a more pro-active anticipation of features on the map should see him steadily improve on this performance.