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Before & After School

Early Birds

Early Birds is available from 8.00am to 8.20am before School starts. There are a number of activities available for children to take part in, ranging from construction and jigsaw building to dress-up and many more.

Late Club

The Late Club is available for children (from Nursery to Year 2) after School from 3.15pm until 5.45pm. Similar activities to the Early Birds take place during Late Club with the addition of time to go outside into the playground. At 4.00pm a tea is provided for any children staying beyond this hour.

There are also many clubs that take place after School (see the Co-Curricular Activities page) and so children may first attend these before moving on to Late Club.


If you would like to book on to Early Birds or the Late Club, please print and complete the booking form below and post in the appropriate post box, located just inside the Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School entrance foyer, by 3.15pm the previous day. Here you will also find printed copies of the below forms.


Mobile Telephone Number: 07760 627456
Landline Telephone Number: 01372 473790 (between 3.00pm and 6.00pm only)

Early Birds
8.00am - Starts  
8.20am - Ends
Late Club
3.15pm – Starts  
4.00pm - Tea 
5.45pm - Ends