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Care centre

The care centre is located in the courtyard of the Preparatory School and has up to date facilities. Staffed by up to two registered nurses trained in paediatric first aid, basic life support, anaphylaxis and Automated External Defibrillation (AED). Our aim is to treat illness and injuries, promote healthy living and support mental well-being throughout the school and on an individual basis.  

The school also employs a qualified, advanced first aid attendant for all home sports fixtures.  Many other school staff are also first aiders, automated external defibrillation and/or trained in anaphylaxis. The care centre looks after the Preparatory and Senior School pupils and oversees the care provided in the Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School where we have staff with paediatric first aid training for younger children.

Our goal is to help pupils to enhance their resilience and sense of responsibility for their own health and well being. Children will be cared for in accordance with their parents’ wishes and older students will be consulted according to their age. In an emergency, an ambulance will be called.  

Separate facilities are provided for boys and girls whenever possible.

Health information

Parents/guardians complete a health information form prior to a pupil’s entry into the school and annually thereafter. The confidential health information form outlines past medical history, current medical condition, present treatment, care preferences as well as known allergies and immunisations. This information is essential for use by the care centre staff when assessing pupils. Data is held securely and in accordance with our Fair Processing of Data policy.

The care centre is open from 8.15am – 4.15pm during term time. If there is any aspect of your child’s health you would like to discuss with the school nurse, please contact the care centre on 01372 473701 or email


The care centre may store and administer both prescribed and some over the counter medicine to pupils only with the written consent of parents as indicated on your child’s health information form. Pupils over 16 may give their own consent.


The school counsellor, Raechel Porter, now works at Claremont Fan Court School on Thursdays each week. She looks to explore new ways for pupils and staff to access the services which she provides.

Raechel is an experienced, qualified counsellor (PGDip Relationship Therapy, London) and an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) having worked as a counsellor for sixteen years. She began working at Claremont Fan Court in July 2013 and during this time she has provided counselling support to many pupils.

For further information, please contact Mr E Trump (deputy head, pastoral) or the care centre.

Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) screening

St George's hospital run regular screenings which are available to book. Please click here to view available appointments.