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We believe that children who are strong in character are best prepared to achieve their potential.

Learning at Claremont Fan Court is underpinned by a strong, moral system of values education. Qualities including: respect for self and others; co-operation; commitment; humility; joy; honesty; creativity; faith; compassion; responsibility and peace are actively considered within lessons and assemblies. We believe that understanding and strength in these qualities best equips our children to fulfil their potential.

At the Preparatory School, every child is a member of our school council and they learn the principles of democracy and compromise through debating whole school issues. Membership of one of our four houses, and a family group within that house, engenders a sense of familial care, loyalty and responsibility alongside opportunities to develop team and leadership skills. Working towards a shared common goal, the coveted house cup, inspires the children to strive for their best in all that they do.

Positions of responsibility within the school, which include our head boy and girl, house captains, school council communicators and form captains, allow the children to become actively involved in the smooth running of the school.

The children are also encouraged to consider their responsibility towards their extended community. Regular fund raising to support both local and more global causes encourages the growth of entrepreneurial spirit alongside a compassionate understanding of the wider world.

Our programme of residential visits, which runs progressively throughout Years 3-6, inspires an independent, fun-loving spirit in each and every child.