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SIMS parent

SIMS parent

SIMS parent provides you with quick access to your child’s data via an app or online, with the benefit of a vast reduction in the use of paper.

SIMS parent will provide you with access to:

  • Your child’s school report
  • Your child’s school timetable
  • Data collection facility so we have the most up to date information in case of an emergency

SIMS parent - how to register

Please note you can only register with a unique invite email sent via the school.  Please contact the school office if you believe you have not had an invite or need to register.

Please note if you have already registered for a sibling at Claremont you do not need to register again for another child who is starting at the school.

The registration processes should be very simple but for your convenience please see the registration instructions PDF attachment below.

SIMS parent – how to login

Once you have successfully registered, SIMS parent can be accessed via the SIMS parent app (downloadable from the Apple or Google Play store) or online via

Please ensure you log on with the Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Twitter account you first registered with.

For example if you registered with a Google account then you need to select ‘sign in with Google’ as per the image below when you login.

If you have forgotten which account you registered with, please contact the school office and we will send you a new registration invite.

Please do not try and login using the ‘sign in with SIMS ID’ option as this is for internal use and will not work for you.