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World and cultures

We believe that children should love and take pride in their own culture as well as respecting and tolerating that of others.

History, geography and religious education are taught concurrently alongside philosophy and values education. Through the delivery of these subjects, our children develop a wider understanding of themselves and their own cultural identity as well as broadening their knowledge of and respect for other cultures and traditions. Learning Spanish, French and Latin further widens the children’s empathy and sympathetic understanding of other cultures, in addition to providing a sound foundation in foreign languages, which is arguably one of the most highly valued twenty first century skills.

The day trip to Boulogne in Year 4 offers a first opportunity to try out newly acquired communication skills. Later on, during Year 6, the children spend six days in France at a language immersion centre, applying their acquired skills in context as lessons in wall climbing, canoeing and bread-making, amongst others, are delivered in French. It is always a joy to see the children laugh as they begin to understand the jokes made by the local animateurs.