The Claremont Fan Court Prep School inaugural sports tour took place on the weekend of 4 and 5 March. Nineteen pupils and five staff headed down to Bournemouth for a weekend of football, rugby, netball and bowling!

Arriving at Bournemouth College Prep, it was great to see Mr Storr again (an ex-Claremont coach), however he would now be the opposition! The afternoon started with the boys and girls football teams, both matches were very close and highly entertaining. The boys started well, but narrowly lost, the girls match was very close, but the Claremont team just edged the win. Then everyone went bowling for the evening, a great way to wind down.

The following day the boys played rugby and the girls played netball. The rugby match was a fantastic competition, played in the right spirit. The game was evenly matched and a draw was the perfect result. The netball match was equally competitive and the Claremont team got their second win of the weekend.

At the end of the weekend it was clear that all the players had tried their best and enjoyed the weekend.