At Claremont, we want all of our pupils to be proud to be themselves. As we enter the Pride month of June, we will be celebrating inclusivity, history and most importantly love. Join us on this page to see updates on events and displays from all around our school.

Countdown to Pride

At the end of May a plain flag was left in the Senior School reception area. The aim was to get passers by to grab a felt tip and colour in a small section, in the hope that it would be ready for 1 June (the start of Pride Month). Within a week the whole flag was completely filled in, which shows how much support people had for this display.


History and case studies

Below are some of the resources that our sixth formers have made about Pride Month and LGBTQ+ heroes that they have been researching.


Flag Definitions

HIV AIDs history

Why do we need Pride?

Sebastian Bastian Vettel case study

Harvey Milk case study



Educating younger pupils about pride

Why do we celebrate Pride? Where does it come from? Watch this Pop’n’Olly video to learn and discover what happened on June 28th 1969. Learn about the Stonewall Inn and the event which helped pave the way for LGBT+ Liberation and kindness.

Icon play

History of Pride Explained for kids

Video: History of Pride Explained for kids

Cake sale for All Out

On Friday 24 June, the Senior School Claremont Equality Alliance came together to hold a cake sale for charity All Out. This charity is a global movement fighting for a world where no one has to sacrifice their family, freedom, safety, or dignity because of who they are or who they love. Claremont is proud to raise funds for such an important cause.

Pride Assembly

The Senior School held a Pride assembly on Friday 24 June, led by Mr Oster, Mr Marquez and the Claremont Equality Alliance. They explained the history behind the Stonewall protests and why it is still so important that we keep educating ourselves.