On Thursday 19 January, 45 pupils from Year 7 turned into witches, thanes and soldiers in a wonderful rendition of Macbeth. This was as a result of a weekly rehearsal since September and it was impressive to see how they mastered the language of Shakespeare and delivered their lines faultlessly and convincingly.

Instead of the traditional 3 witches, the stage came alive with 25 witches at the beginning, looking suitably frightening as they crept from out of the audience. A group of soldiers had also mastered how to fight successfully with swords and the stage was action- packed and full of life for 45 minutes. To help unravel the story, narrators unfolded the events whilst Macbeth and Lady Macbeth revealed their evil characters. The final scene resulted in Macbeth slain by Macduff and the whole cast hailing the rightful King-Malcolm.

It really was a superb performance and all of the cast should be very proud of themselves. Thank you so much to each and every member of the cast for putting so much time and effort into all the rehearsals and of course the final performance.

Thank you also to the lighting crew who lit the stage beautifully. A final thanks to all those who helped on the night behind the scenes with make-up and stage management. It couldn’t have been possible without you all.

Congratulations Year 7!