Claremont Fan Court began from small but very significant foundations which has shaped our current mission, vision and ethos to this date. The first families in the then separate girls’ school, Clear View, were Christian Scientists who wished to establish a school for their daughters that advocated seeing good in all, inspired by the principles of Christian Science.

A few years later, several teachers who were Christian Scientists established Fan Court, a boys’ preparatory school in Chertsey. They chose ‘Be Strong’ as the school motto. An early Fan Court headmaster said: ‘We like to think of our boys as going out into the world knowing themselves greatly beloved of God, unafraid, at peace with themselves and their neighbours, and spiritually strong.’

The two schools merged in 1978. Our emblem united Fan Court’s morally strong lion and Claremont’s guiding torch, illustrating our motto ‘Be Strong in Understanding’.

Our values-led approach helps develop fine young people of all faiths and none. Claremont Fan Court School is owned by a company limited by guarantee and registered with the Charity Commission. The governors are the trustees.


Our mission guides the ethos of the school and is a primary document for all who work at the school.

  • To provide an environment where the God-given potential of every individual is recognised and valued. With this recognition comes the expectation of high personal achievement and moral standards and a developing awareness of our individual responsibility to each other and our world.
  • To maintain a broad and forward-looking curriculum in which pupils are encouraged to think independently to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.
  • To encourage our pupils to awaken to all that is good and true within and around them in their spiritual journey of self- discovery.
  • To equip our pupils with a strong set of values for future decision making.
  • The following values are fundamental to everything we do: courtesy, respect, trust, moral integrity, self-discipline, love for God and man.
  • The School embraces the whole Claremont family: pupils, parents, guardians, staff and governors in its mission, vision and ethos



In accordance with our mission, Claremont Fan Court develops individuals who are outstanding citizens, aware of their responsibility to others and contribute positively to global society.

We realise this by being a high-quality school of choice where young people achieve more than they think is possible.


Goodness underpins this school. Teachers, staff, pupils and their families are expected to support and extend the atmosphere of respect, courtesy, the love of learning and the value of friendship that is held dear at Claremont Fan Court School. This peaceful and purposeful intent extends throughout every lesson and into the pastoral and co-curricular activities we offer.

Young people leave Claremont Fan Court School as confident, contributing and caring members of the global community. They cherish the values that equip them to make a positive contribution and be a force for good in the world.